How to use the catalogue: searching, downloading and licensing the images

Search for an image:
Press the button "New Search" to get to the catalogue start page. The following options are then available to search in various catalogues:

Type one or more keywords into this box and press "Go". Make sure there is a space between each keyword. Type a "-" (minus sign) before keywords which should be excluded from the search.

Browsing through different catalogues:
Select a catalogue using the pull-down menu on the left, then press "Go". The catalogue will appear on the screen and you can either browse through all of its images, or narrow your search within the catalogue by choosing one or more keywords from the lists on the left.

Predefined keywords:
You may also make one or more selections from a variety of predefined keywords. Choose these using the pull-down lists on the left and then press "Go".

Every image has a unique six digit ID-number. Type the ID-number of an image into the ID-search box and press "Go". The result will appear on the screen.

The search result:
Click on a thumbnail or its information symbol "Information" (Dokument Icon) to open the respective preview. You can set the number of thumbnails shown on each page (to 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100) using the selector in the middle of the results page, above and below the thumbnails. To place an image in the light box, you must be registered at Stuewer-Tierfoto. If not, click on the button "Register" and fill out the form. After sending your registration form you will receive a customer-number and password; normally within 24 hours, after your data has been verified. By logging in as a registered user, you may place images in the light box by clicking on the arrows under the thumbnails or from the preview window using the Lightbox Icon.

Light box:
When you have finished your search, you can view your selected images again in your light box. Once again, clicking on a thumbnail or its information symbol opens a preview in a pop-up window. Click on the arrow: "Download" to download an image. The image will then be made available in your Download Folder.

Click on the Symbol: "enquiry regarding this image" (?) to add an image to an enquiry (see paragraph "Enquiry"). Click on the minus-symbol (-) to remove an image from the light box.

Download Folder:
Images in a high-resolution tiff format will be available here for 48 hours to download. When saving one or more images, you will be asked once more for your user name (= customer number) and password. To save an image, click on the link: "download" next to it (PC = right-hand mouse-button -> "Save link as", Macintosh = ctrl + mouse-button -> "load linked file") and select: "Save file as". The download will start automatically.

If a particular image cannot be found in any of our online catalogues, you can place similar images in this area and send these to us along with your requirements. We will then send you a selection of relevant images from our offline archive.

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